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  1. The Most Facepalm Worthy Thing You Have Done in All of Pokémon

    I just lost my Air Balloon, forgetting to remove it after going through a nice streak in the Battle Maison.
  2. The Most Facepalm Worthy Thing You Have Done in All of Pokémon

    I did a recent facepalm-worthy move. I was horde EV training my Alakazam in the breeding route (the 1 with horde Psyduck, Roselia, and Hoppip). I would slay all the Psyduck and Roselia hordes I come across. As for the Hoppips, I thought they'd give speed since I was thinking of Jumpluff's best...
  3. Data Base Stat Changes

    So it's been confirmed no change to Dustox? :( What about Machamp, Conkeldurr, Ludicolo, and Shiftry? One thing I've noticed is that all the Pokemon with updated base stats are part of 3-stage evolution chain. Politoed too :)
  4. Data Updated Base Stats As of the latest update, Bellossom got her base defense boosted to 95, while Beautifly got her SpAtt boosted to 100 (increase by 10 each). I think it also makes sense to test for Dustox, and Politoed as well (since Poliwrath got a boost). In fact...
  5. Phione, her second battle: A Warstory

    ^I myself am also wondering how did Dragonite outspeed Deoxys after a DD. I loved the use of Snorlax, but that's it. Warstory was just average.
  6. UU Threat lists

    I've compiled Forsety's 2 analysis posts and placed them in the 1st page. Thanks, Forsety!
  7. UU Threat lists

    I've revamped the original post and split them into categories. Some similar threats(Dodrio/Swellow) have been lumped together. I'm still not convinced with Persian being a special threat, even with Nasty Plot. Speed is all it has going for him. It's special attack is still low.
  8. UU Threat lists

    Oops, forgot about Froslass. I thought she was BL. Ive added more stuff. As I said before, I don't find Persian hurting things enough. Most Persians I see fakes out, sleeps, and switches items. I might lump several threats together. For example, Dodrio and Swellow are taken care of the same...
  9. UU Threat lists

    Looks like I really left out many things..I could only think of those off the top of my head. I guess it's fine to put Poliwrath in offensive threat as well. Most Poliwraths I meet play defensively. Beedrill? I've never had any problems with Beedrill. I treat it the same way I treat Pinsir...
  10. UU Threat lists

    I forgot Scyther lol. Anyone else I forgot? Mr Mime...hmmm...not too sure....HP's real bad. Yea...I've fought many defensive Kangas before. Forgot she's quite a tank as well.
  11. UU Threat lists

    So I was thinking that, since more people are starting to get into the UU Metagame, might as well start a list comprising the offensive and defensive threats in the UU Metagame. Edit: These analyses are taken from Forsety's posts in page 2 and 3. Offensive Threats (Physical) Pinsir: Type...
  12. a UU warstory, a sand too far?

    I'm always happy to see Clamperl kick(or in this case, clamp) the shit out of Chomp. Other that that, opponent was pretty lousy.
  13. Most Effective Clefable?

    I kinda like life orb, Double Edge Clefable myself.
  14. First Warstory: Thank God for Toxic Spikes

    Why do people like T-tar to be the recipient of their BP chains? Use Salamence, Metagross, or Dragonite and you have no worries about Toxic spikes lol. Anyway, gj winning even though all those stat ups were passed around. If he left Jolteon in sleeping, Lucario or someone else should've taken...
  15. (Warstory)Undergoing interrogation

    OMG I missed out one part while copy-pasting. I'm gonna edit it back in. Surprised nobody noticed it.
  16. April statistics from Shoddy Battle are up

    Wow! Some interesting finds. Rotom and Absol see more usage than all Regis. Beedrill sees more usage than Dodrio, Golem and Vespiquen. Plusle and Bulbasaur see more usage than Solrock! Sunkern has more usage than Sunflora wtf!
  17. (Warstory)Undergoing interrogation

    Hello again. It's my second war story here. And today, I've decided to use my team that includes only 1st generation pokemon. I have been asked to battle someone by the name of DaHeala. Here are our teams. Mine on top, his team on the bottom. Notice something that 5/6 of his team has in common...
  18. Clamperl. The forgotten bivalve from hell.

    It's pure water, as it evolves into Gorebyss, who is also pure water. So it resists steel attacks. Can it survive hits from Hera, Gyara, Infernape(fire attack), and Heatran(fire attack)? Among others, how much does it do to Regice? And for UU, how does it fare against Hypno, Vileplume...
  19. Hephaestus makes his move! (A Warstory)

    Yuck! Gaychomp haxx...Togaykiss haxx...Sorry, I don't like warstories that involve Gaychomp Sand Veil, or a Subchomp for that matter.
  20. The miss that cost the game(UU War Story)

    Wow! That really was lucky he missed Granbull. Personally, I'd switch to Rapidash or Lapras straightaway if I were you. Was Lapras physical or special?